regarding the remake.

Beware, it’s 8:44 and I sacrificed sleep for Being human so yeah, ranting, be prepared!
Evidently, the american re-make is nowhere near as good as the original uk version. No offence, but the american one at a glance just looks like another vampire diaries or ‘glossy style’ vampire show, whereas the original, doesn’t.

the acting in the original, I mean - Russell tovey, nobody can scream as realistically and as brilliantly as he can, certainly as he gets the chance to as a werewolf.  

It’s a shame that whenever you google or search ‘Being human’ lots of the re-make images or references appear, the original hardly ever gets noticed, which is a shame because it’s the better one. 

I’m not having a go at anybody, I’m sure the actors in the american version are good and all that, just the original being human will always be the better one.


Underappreciated Men, 2012: Andrew Gower


Underappreciated Men, 2012Andrew Gower


Russell Tovey being all kinds of adorable


I absolutely love them together.


50 FLAWLESS PEOPLE - Russell Tovey


damien molony (via Twitter / Recent images by @tmxghost)